CAMRA, or the CAMpaign for Real Ale, was formed in the 70's, by a group of drinkers who were extremely dissatisfied with the beer in Britain.

Traditionally brewed ales which had been enjoyed for hundreds of years were being phased out by the big breweries. They were being replaced by fizzy beers that were easier to handle and cheaper to produce - but bland. Such was the strength of feeling against the destruction of our brewing heritage, that CAMRA rapidly became a national movement now with over 190,000 members.

CAMRA has campaigned vigorously for proper beer and is acknowledged as one of Europe's most successful consumer organisations. Here on the wirral, the number of pubs selling Real Ale has risen dramatically.

They may not be able to halt the carnage in the industry, but CAMRA can certainly slow it down. They have been able to influence both Government and businesses and helped create market conditions where hundreds of craft brewers can thrive - when 30 years ago there was only a handful. It's these micro brewers along with the regional and family brewers that now provide us with the major choice of ale and beer.

CAMRA condemn any brewery closure. It's unfortunate - to say the least - that the City can't see that there's more to brewing than just short-term profits.

Mixed-gas beers, more commonly known as Nitro-Keg remain a threat to Real Ale. Basically they are the same bland keg beers of the past but brewers have deliberately blurred this fact by the advertising and imagery used in their promotion. The fonts used to dispense the beers are often made to look like hand pumps to cause confusion. Don't be fooled, they are still pasteurised, filtered and dead! Real Ales are living beers and full of flavour.

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