Beer Scoring.

This is the system on which beers are scored which results in Wirral Camra deciding on entries for the next Good Beer Guide.

Factors affecting your opinion:
Whether the taste and quality of the beer produced at the brewery is to a high standard, how well the beer has been looked after since leaving the brewery, particularly its length of time, conditioning and treatment in the cellar.

Pub with no cask ale:
If cask is normally sold but none available then the score should be '0'.
Pubs that do not/no longer sell cask ale at all should not be scored and 'No Cask' entered in the beer column.

0 = Undrinkable Take it back
1 = Very poor and going off Not very nice and when you get half way down the pint you decide you can't finish it.
2 = Very poor You manage to finish the pint but wouldn’t have another even if someone else is buying. You'd rather drink orange squash instead.
3 = Poor You are with a group of friends or work colleagues who don't know or care about what they are drinking. You'd rather go elsewhere to drink, but from sense of duty, stay and drink very slowly or just drink halves.
4 = Below average You would not really want another pint if you had the choice (if someone else put it in front of you) it is just acceptable to have one more.
5 = Average Competently kept, drinkable pint but doesn't inspire in any way, you drink it without really noticing.
6 = Above average A pleasant drink and it may be not worth moving to another pub but, if you had the time and could be bothered, you might look for something better.
7= Good Well worth having another pint (or two).
8 = Very good Good beer in good form. Possibly cancel plans to move to next pub. You want to stay for a few more and seek out the beer again.
9 = Excellent Probably the best you are likely to find.
10 = Amber Nectar The best pint you've ever had in the best pub in the world. You might score like this every week when you are young and inexperienced, but with maturity such a high score is rarely acheived.

To place your vote, please email your score and pub to

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