Local MP goes on tour of local pubs.: 
28 September, 2014
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Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South, is visiting 20 pubs in her constituency including Bebington, Thornton Hough, Heswall, Eastham, Port Sunlight, New Ferry and Bromborough. Recognising that many constituents regularly enjoy a visit to the pub she hopes to meet constituents in a more relaxed atmosphere to hear their concerns and thoughts about a range of issues.
The West Kirby Tap: 
25 September, 2014
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The West Kirby Tap will be hosting a Meet the Brewer evening with Spitting Feathers at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd October.
The Saddle Club: 
25 September, 2014
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The Saddle Club will be holding a mini beer festival featuring mainly Wirral Brewed Beers from Thursday 2nd October to Sunday 5th October or until beers run out. Opening times Thursday and Friday early evenings and from lunchtime onwards on Saturday and Sunday.
CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2015 Published 11th September, 2014: 
11 September, 2014
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Good Beer Guide shows that Britain now has more breweries per person than anywhere in the World after two years of continued growth
  • Over 10% growth in UK breweries for the last two years running
  • Britain now has more breweries per head than any other country in the world*
  • 170 new UK breweries feature in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide 2015
  • Small independent breweries becoming increasingly popular with drinkers
  • Now 1285 breweries in the UK
170 new breweries have started up in the UK in the last 12 months according to the Good Beer Guide 2015, published by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) today. There are now 1,285 breweries operating in Britain and the country can boast that it has more breweries per head of population than any other country in the world. It’s the biggest number of British breweries since the 1930s and 40s and the industry is growing at over 10% a year, with nearly all new breweries producing cask-conditioned real ales as their core products. As the Good Beer Guide 2015 publishes today, Editor Roger Protz had this to say on the state of real in the UK: “Real ale is the only success story in a declining beer market. New breweries, making handcrafted beers, continue to come on stream while many long-standing regional and family breweries are expanding with new equipment and new brands. Real ale has almost doubled its market share over the past decade.” The continued growth across the whole of the UK has been driven by small independent breweries which have been popping up all over the country, many of whom are experimenting with the beers they brew, leading to even greater choice for drinkers, “With every region in the country seeing an increase in breweries it means even more choice for real ale drinkers, particularly as breweries are becoming more adventurous in the beers they brew, adding herbs, spices, fruit and chocolate to beer - while a growing number are ageing beer in oak casks bought from whisky, wine and rum producers to give new depths of flavour to their products.” Protz also believes because smaller breweries have a better ability to experiment, they can adapt to the ever-changing trends in the world of brewing more quickly, “Independent breweries with small and more flexible plants are able to follow trends with ease, allowing them to meet the demands of restless modern drinkers. With some regions having up to 147 different breweries to choose from there is no end to the variety of beer on offer.” Mike Benner, Managing Director of the Society of Independent Brewers, said: “This latest Good Beer Guide portrays a British brewing industry in excellent health. New brewery openings over the last year take the total number of brewers in the UK to over 1,200, a figure that would have been almost unimaginable to readers of this guide in the 1970s. “As we welcome this growing wave of new brewers, we also thank the 20 pioneering microbrewers who in 1980 founded the Society of Independent Brewers and so set in motion the brewing revolution which today provides British drinkers with the most diverse, exciting and innovative selection of beers enjoyed anywhere in the world.” London last year saw a double in brewery numbers and has continued to support the growth with 7 new start-ups this year. London Beer Factory, a brand new entry in to this year’s guide, produce real ales such as London Session and Chelsea Blonde and had this to say on the continued brewery growth in London “The London Beer Factory is extremely proud to be part of the renaissance of brewing in the capital and delivering a range of tasty craft beer to the people of London. We are delighted at our inclusion in the Good Beer Guide 2015.” Ed Cotton, Brewer, London Beer Factory.
CAMRA's Good Beer Guide 2015 - Published 11th September, 2014: 
11 September, 2014
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The Good Beer Guide, published by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) today, features 6 new breweries and 44 new pub entries for the Merseyside and Cheshire region. The annual guide also gives details of the various beers brewed in the region, such as Redball IPA by Redball, London Porter by Britman and Dam Strong Ale by Lymm. The book’s Editor Roger Protz says, “It's fantastic to see a continued growth in local brewing which has been encouraged by an increased interest in local ales. The overall brewery number has been heavily contributed to by small breweries which have been popping up across the country. It’s welcome news for ale lovers as more breweries means more choice.” New Merseyside and Cheshire breweries which feature in the Good Beer Guide 2015:
2 & NineWarringtonCheshire
Cheshire Brew BrothersEllesmere PortCheshire
As well as listing new and existing breweries in the area, the UK’s top pubs are also listed in the guide, with Merseyside and Cheshire region having 142 pubs listed in the guide. There are 19 new pub entries in Cheshire and 25 new entries in Merseyside. “The Good Beer Guide 2015 recommends the best pubs in Britain for real ale drinkers. The guide is compiled through independent judgement and recommendations, meaning pubs are chosen on merit alone rather than being charged for an entry, as is the case with many other guides. If you have a passion for ale and want to know the best places to find it, then this book can be an invaluable resource for you.” Protz added. The pub guide is broken down by region and also town, which makes it easy to find the best pubs in your area or another area of the country you might want to visit.
Good Beer Guide 2015: 
8 September, 2014
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The 2015 Good Beer Guide is published on Thursday 11th September. Members may purchase a copy for the discounted price of £10 at the Wirral Branch meeting at 9.00pm that evening at Gallaghers in Birkenhead.
West Kirby Tap: 
4 September, 2014
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The Brewery Tap, West Kirby was awarded the Wirral Branch Summer Pub of the Season on Wednesday 3rd September.

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